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The range of Nevada performing arts may run wider than anywhere else, 跨越数百万美元的拉斯维加斯舞台 节目 埃尔科为期一周的牛仔朗诵诗歌庆祝活动. Get into the action at a 更多的 traditional music and arts center, like 里诺’s 先锋表演艺术中心 或者卡森城的 啤酒厂艺术中心或者把沙子塞进脚趾 观看莎士比亚 with stunning Lake Tahoe for a backdrop at Sand Harbor 状态 Park. 


现在听听这个. 不管我们说的是鼠帮酒吧的传奇人物, 从猫王到加斯再到布兰妮, or even The Killers naming their fourth album “Battle Born” after our state’s nickname, 白银之州总是能引起音乐爱好者的共鸣. 今天, the Nevada music scene reverberates far beyond blockbuster stage shows and casino cover bands—or even just Vegas (although you can pretty much never NOT catch a great band there). From rural roadhouse string bands to chart-topping artist-filled music festivals, like heartradio音乐节 or 生活是美好的, cruise around our site and we’ll make sure that, when you get here, you’ll stay nice and tuned up.



内华达州从来都是一个享受美好时光的地方. And for every world-famous event anchoring Nevada’s come-as-you-are, 割断文化, there are dozens 更多的 that are sure to steal your heart and fill up your camera roll. From big-ticket bashes in our two big metros to community-wide celebrations in every small town in between, 找出在银州的什么地方和什么时候狂欢.

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We like it when Western lingo takes front and center stage - literally! 这是Alex MacLeod和RattleSnail, 他的表演还包括“礼仪”这个词, 昂首阔步, 高音调舞蹈, 衣服了, 还有火鸡的头. 我们就讲到这里吧. 📸:@chasmogrub 
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Ever had a dream of dancing with a giant roaming #robot in the desert? 这是@Chris_Wollard的@AutonomousDancingDiscoBot, a friendly dancing robot mutant vehicle that loves to wind up and get down. 2019年在这里看到(图片来源:@burningmarknixon).
Brief Intermission: This week it's all about our extraordinary setting! Swipe to take a virtual vacation to our lakeside location, the theater we all love. 更多照片请点击我们的链接. 📸照片一由珍·施密特拍摄,以下照片由@joystrotz拍摄.
@rorydoylephoto在这里,继续我本周的接管. 对于那些经常参加埃尔科聚会的人, 你一定很熟悉才华横溢的domflemons. I made this portrait of Dom at this year's event and wrote a short piece for Outside Magazine about his award-winning
卡森城太棒了! Final stop: @sanjosejazz Sunday 😎🎺🎷 @breweryartscentercarsoncity @alexnestermusic @elmerdemond @slimdareazon @musicanuovo @davidswisemusic @mrbsax @lindsaytrombone @bonemanmack @basstrombonerob @austinclarkdrake @luiscc1789 @dustinmorganofficial @thebigvox @_jamaryoung @r_velez6 @fastracrecords @bariwoodwind #hiphop #rap #soul #funk #jazz #bigband #band #music #show #tour #concert #tourlife #nowplaying #sax #saxophone #trumpet #trombone #guitar #bass #drums #follow4follow #like4like
墨西哥流浪乐队Acero De 拉斯维加斯回来了!! 7月7日加入我们,享受一段非常非常美好的时光. 生物链接!
Wrapping up the week with an intro to this month’s photographer spotlight, featuring @voggesser. Tobin is in it because he’s a fan first and has that sixth sense for when the action will hit. 关于这张照片...
@jonstickleytrio在世界之巅演奏. This on mountain set from #wwgtahoe 2017 is one of the most memorable concert settings I have ever experienced. 一个真正的滑雪入/出台与太浩湖在远处. This is the kind of thing that can only be experienced at WinterWonderGrass!
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW directed by @sarathebrune is fiercely delightful and @joystrotz has done it again gorgeously capturing the show in photo form. 你有没有在夏天用门票捕捉到它? 快点!
Giselle performed by @sierranevadaballet is a show you don’t want to miss! 
The famous classic Giselle is the bittersweet story of love and death that has moved audiences of all ages in every corner of the world. 🩰
七月十七日在圣拉斐尔牧场! 请点击链接购买门票!