We don’t bill Nevada as “The Weirdest, Wildest West” for nothing. Between a little ol’ government facility by the name of 51区, 为原子弹轰炸而建的模型城市, 多个 闹鬼的酒店, 还有一些与众不同的博物馆, 白银之州是超凡脱俗体验的温床.

准备好去超自然的地方观光? Prepare to get your paranormal on and discover some of Nevada’s most unique and unusual attractions.


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不要成为太空入侵者! 51区 is guarded by some of the heaviest military security on Earth (or anywhere else). Be sure to obey all posted signs and don’t even think about trespassing – you will be caught and you will be prosecuted. And let’s be real, no selfie or story is worth that kind of headache.

Aliens have been part of Silver State lore for as long as we can remember thanks to 51区 坐落在内华达中部. 把你的船开到 外星高速公路 as-close-as-you -should-了解这个最神秘的沙漠秘密. 

For evidence of extraterrestrials, let the locals fill you in on what they’ve seen and heard at the 小一个前甲板'Inn (买一个外星人汉堡和一片外星人水果派)和 外星人研究中心 (礼品店门前摆放着一个巨大的金属雕像). E.T. 新鲜的牛肉干 has the road trip fuel you need and a cowboy alien mural just begging to be a selfie stop.

内华达州也有一些 非常黑暗的天空其中的一部分甚至被DarkSky识别出来了. 把你的目光向上,看看你是否发现了不明飞行物 Rachel这是离51区最近的城镇. Keep your eyes peeled for unusual objects making turns at 90-degree angles, 炫耀速度爆发, 或者直接停在你头顶的天空. And even if our antennaed friends escape you, the stargazing will dazzle you.

在军事基地的另一边,在 Amargosa谷, the 51区外星人中心 提供咖啡馆和商场与外星人主题的一切. Don’t miss the “World’s Largest Firework” at the Alamo Fireworks Megastore next door.


If you get fired up for unconventional history, we have you way more than covered. For eerie artifacts tied to paranormal experiences (like the world’s allegedly most haunted object), 再看看 扎克·巴甘斯的《2022世界杯下注网站》 位于拉斯维加斯市中心. 

玩得开心吗 国家原子能试验博物馆它深入挖掘了内华达州令人难以置信的原子历史. If you’re quick with a calendar (and can pass a background check), pair that with a 内华达州国家安全网站 tour. It’ll get you up close and personal with majorly mind-blowing atomic points of interest like the Apple 2 Houses – the staged-like-they-were-lived-in “residences” for JCPenney-dressed mannequins that withstood the first nationally televised nuclear test. 

博尔德市这是一场惊天动地的比赛 Tom Devlin的怪物博物馆, which celebrates the art and history of special effects makeup and horror movie legends by way of props, 纪念品, 还有生物套装.


在银州,不寻常的事 is 和往常一样,我们有很多奇怪的进站.

埋在一个人迹罕至的街区 Pahrump, Coffinwood 是真正的#奇怪的内华达州世界杯下注网站吗. Book a tour of this private residence and property to discover a collection of hearses, 一个宝石工作室, 棺材店, 棺材花园, 还有更多. 相对来说就在这条街上 比提戈德威尔露天博物馆, an outdoor desert art park where you can mingle with larger-than-life sculptures, 包括《2022世界杯下注网站》.”

我们有更多 奇怪的内华达州景点 这些是从哪里来的?, and while they might stray from the definition of “paranormal,” they definitely check all the “something weird is going on here” boxes.


The Silver State is considered one of the most supernaturally active places in the country by paranormal experts and enthusiasts alike. In fact, Nevada has so much haunted history, the topic deserved its own feature story. From spirit-filled saloons and storied cemeteries to 多个 hotels where legendary guests never checked out, discover 13 places where – even if you don’t believe in ghosts – the tales you’ll hear will show you why plenty of people do.

让我们先来看看这些精彩的故事吧. PBS Reno’s “Wild Nevada” takes you inside Tonopah’s Mizpah Hotel and the Goldfield High School, both haunted hot spots routinely (and successfully) investigated by ghost hunters.